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Infrared Aerial Inspections

The first aerial inspections were performed visually with human eyes flying small planes. Now, in the modern age, drones are a common entity that are being used for more than just playtime.

By combining the latest in infrared technology and top-of-the-line thermal products, an aerial inspection is superior to the average human inspection in various fields. For example, in industrial plants, certain heights can be a dangerous for workers, but a drone wouldn’t be in any jeopardy. On a pipeline, inspecting miles of pipeline would be extremely time-consuming, taking several days to humanly inspect, whereas an aerial UAV system can fly those miles in a few hours. In the agriculture field, the normal visual inspection will only produce a limited amount of information, but aerial inspections will give you an entire range of thermographic data.

Infrared aerial inspections are a convenient means of examination and analysis that allow productivity to continue and areas to be explored that are otherwise deemed dangerous or unaccommodating to inspect.

While we currently do not conduct infrared aerial inspections ourselves, let us help you determine the best people for the job and guide you to the right company to perform your inspection.

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