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electrical inspection show hot spot coming from area right before transducer

Infrared Electrical Inspections

Electricity can be a tricky concept and can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures that can turn deadly if all components are not in tip-top condition. Any excessive electrical resistance, failing components, ground faults, short circuits or other common problems in electric equipment may be indicated by high temperatures.… Read more

mechanical inspection

Infrared Mechanical Inspections

Infrared Mechanical Inspections Infrared Mechanical Inspections Most visual mechanical inspections must be performed while the machine is “off” and in a non-working mode causing a costly stop in production and even more costly repairs due to lack of data about what part is actually in need of replacing. However, an… Read more

infrared image of the exterior of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Infrared Building Envelope & Flat Roof Inspections

Excessive storms, winds, or prevailing rain can cause leaky roofs and lead to damage of an entire building including exterior and interior walls and even the items contained within those buildings. With infrared building and roof inspection, it is possible to locate and pinpoint any leaky areas as well as… Read more

gas leak detection of butane from lighter

Infrared Gas Leak Detection Inspection

Gas leaks can be costly and damaging mistakes that lead to harm of workers present or the health of the nearby environment with high-dollar fines and repairs that will need to be made before production can begin again. An infrared gas leak detection inspection is performed using the latest in… Read more

aerial inspection shows fugitive gas emission from top of tank

Infrared Aerial Inspections

The first aerial inspections were performed visually with human eyes flying small planes. Now, in the modern age, drones are a common entity that are being used for more than just playtime. By combining the latest in infrared technology and top-of-the-line thermal products, an aerial inspection is superior to the… Read more

infrared imaging can be used for process monitoring

Infrared Process Monitoring

Inspections performed during the production process allows the operator to visually see the non-contact temperature data of the operating equipment. Data collected during an infrared process monitoring inspection can be used to adjust process parameters effectively optimizing product output while ensuring the highest quality during real-time production environments. Request Quote… Read more

infrared use in research and development

Research & Development

Thermographic reports are helpful during all stages of research and development including monitoring any changes during the testing of experiments. Request Quote Gallery Request a Proposal Read more

infrared image of process heater tubes

Process Heater Tube Inspections

Infrared inspection is the only way to observe and monitor the entire surface of a heater tube while in operation due to the extreme temperatures and pressures associated with heater tubes. Be able to operate much more effectively and safely with a detailed inspection without stopping the flow of production.… Read more

infrared tank inspection

Infrared Tank Inspections

With an infrared tank inspection, operators receive accurate data on the levels of various tanks as well as locating plugged or restrictive flowing areas through piping. Request Quote Gallery Request a Proposal Read more